Photo Collage


A popular style of wedding announcement is called a photo collage. We’ve all seen a similar style, in fact, there’s a good chance you have one stuck with a magnet to the front of your refrigerator. At Announce The Day, we love helping you design the custom designed wedding invitations, and photo collages are one of the more popular options we offer.

When it comes to designing a photo collage, there are some important details that must be considered. First, it is important to remember that the more pictures you want to use, the smaller each image will need to be in order to make it fit on a 5”x7” card. A picture of you and your fiancé walking through the woods looks great, but not if the entire image is only one square inch. Next, you need variety. Very often, a couple’s favorite pictures are posed very similarly. View your favorite images on your computer and compare them to each other. Look for variety in your images. Does your fiancé consistently stand to your right with his arm around you? The last thing you want is to have a mosaic with 3 or 4 nearly identical images. Be creative, and consider multiple poses.

A bride once brought a file of images to me. She really loved a particular image of her and her fiancé walking along a sandy beach in California. She really wanted to use it as the main image of a collage. Unfortunately, this was the only image from that trip to the beach. The other images were from a mountain scene in the fall with beautiful red and orange autumn colors. When I opened all of the images and showed her the differences, it was easy to see that this wouldn’t look good.

 Follow these steps

1. Look for a variety of poses.

2. Consider how your choice images might look if they are only one square inch in size on the final invitation.

3. Follow a theme.

At Announce The Day, we want you to be happy with your custom designed wedding invitations, and if you consider these steps, we’ll be able to help you find complete satisfaction. Call 801.362.7263 today for a free consultation.


True love since 16!


Taylor and Jordan have been dating since they were 16 years old. High school sweethearts, lovebirds, whatever you want to call them.

Taylor’s mom recently contacted me asking me to help her daughter design her wedding invitations. She explained that Taylor had returned from her LDS mission a few months ago, and was now attending BYU. Her fiancé, Jordan had been home from his mission for just one month.

The two love birds met with me in Orem, and we talked about custom designed wedding invitations. We compared paper samples, envelope colors, and looked at their pictures to create a mosaic style two-sided wedding invitation.

It was easy to agree on which image to use for the front of the invitation. Notice the open space to the left where we were able to nicely add the couples exciting news! On the back, the couple is shown on the far right, revealing about two thirds of open space to the left. This was a perfect area to add the three additional images of the young couple. It is easy to see that these two are happily in love!

Referral Rewards

giftcardsHave you heard of our referral rewards program? It’s super easy, and the rewards are amazing! If you refer your friends and family to us, and they become customers of our custom designed wedding invitations, we’ll give you a $10 gift card of your choice! If you refer two friends, we’ll give you two gift cards, five friends, five gift cards! Get the idea? There is no limit. If you refer your friends, we’ll give you free gift cards. And it gets better, we will let you choose the gift cards. We don’t care if it’s a prepaid cash-card, or an card, i-Tunes, or your favorite restaurant. You tell us what you want and we’ll provide it!

There are 3 ways to refer us!

1.  write your name and phone number on one of our pass-a-long coupons and give them to your friends.

2. Share our Facebook page with any of your friends who are engaged.

3.Tell you friends to mention your name at their consultation

Its easy and fast, and before you know it, free gift cards are rolling in! We’ll contact you as soon as possible!

DaLynn’s Story

WeddingZoom135At Announce The Day, our number one goal is to satisfy our brides. We understand that you have a budget, and you need to be careful where you spend your money.

DaLynn approached us recently to set up an appointment to talk about the options with her custom-designed wedding invitations. Dalynn’s brother Taylor was interested in graphic design, and thought it would be fun to design his sister’s invitation. DaLynn asked us if she could save money going this route. The answer was YES!

Dalynn and Taylor came for a consultation to discuss their options. They were still in need of a good printer for the job. Because neither of them were experienced in the printing industry, they had a lot of questions to ask. We showed them paper samples, envelope options, and we even looked at the digital files Taylor created. We shared a few tips, and then they left.

About a week later, DaLynn sent us the completed files, and we were able to order her custom designed wedding invitations, and best of all, she saved $100 by letting Taylor do the design work!

After receiving her invitations, we received a text from Dalynn. It said, Thanks again for my announcements. I am very pleased with them. They are really well done!

Call us today at 208-709-7892 to set up an appointment for your custom designed wedding invitations.

Panoramic 4″x9″


If you are looking for a non-traditional option for your custom designed wedding invitations, a fun option can be to go with a 4″x9″ panoramic layout instead of the more traditional option of a 5″x7″. As you can see, whether you go landscape or portrait, this layout can be the perfect option for your custom designed wedding invitations.

  • 4″x9″ invitations can be mailed in a standard #10 envelope, which means nearly any style of envelope you find will be available in this size! 
  • Postage rages for a #10 envelope will be the standard rate of one postage stamp.
  • This pleasing layout will be appealing not only to you, but to those who receive an invitation. While it is little less traditional than most invitations, it will grab the attention of your guests.

At Announce The Day, our goal is to help you find an option that fits your style, your wedding, and your dream! Call 801.362.7263 today and set up an appointment for your custom designed wedding invitations!

Belly Bands, Spiral Clips, and Envelopes

When the time comes to send your custom designed wedding invitations to your guests, you will need to have a plan of how you are going to bundle everything together. A wedding invitation can easily have multiple pieces. These pieces can include the invitation, an engagement picture, a sealing or ceremony insert card, registry cards, luncheon or rehearsal dinner invitations, RSVP cards, etc. As you can see, by the time everything is printed, you can have a quite a few pieces. We have several options to help keep all your pieces together.

Belly Bands                                                                                                                                                                         A belly band is an additional piece of paper. It is is usually about 2″x12″. It is designed and printed as a part of your invitation. The printer scores two fold marks in it so that you can wrap this band around your bundle of insert cards. Belly bands look very formal, and are an affordable option with a very nice, elegant accent to your invitations. Once wrapped, the bundle fits in the envelope.

Paper clips                                                                                                                                                                    Did I just read paper clip? Yes, you did, but not the typical funny shaped piece of wire you use at your desk for holding multiple papers together. At Announce The Day, we recommend the use of a small, spiral shaped paper clip. These small clips add a touch of ornamental design to your invitation, and can easily hold three to five pieces together. They are usually available in multiple metallic options, adding an elegant touch to any invitation.

Ribbons                                                                                                                                                                                 A beautiful touch to your custom designed wedding invitation is to tie everything together with a piece of ribbon. This option can be very beautiful, but also very time consuming. We can offer you options that will simplify this step, just ask us how.

Whether you want to find a way to bundle everything together, or simply place the pieces individually int he envelope is entirely up to you. At Announce The Day, we offer beautiful envelopes, and plenty of options to consider. It is important to consider the number of pieces your invitation will include, the thickness, the shape, and the weight of your overall bundled invitation to prevent having to pay extra money on postage fees. We have many options, and we will assist you anyway we can. Call us at 801.362.7263 to set up a time for your personal consultation!

Be Square


This custom designed wedding invitation is my favorite, and for good reason! This is the invitation I designed for when I married my wife. This is also the 200th invitation I have designed.

As you can see, our custom designed wedding invitation was very unique. We went with squares instead of the traditional rectangle. We also decided we wanted to add a special touch, so we had rounded the corners. These were printed on our traditional 16 pt matte finish paper, which is the most popular paper we offer for wedding invitations. When you come for your consultation, make sure to feel the paper, and you will see why it is the most popular.

I have a friend who is amazing with her calligraphy skills. I asked her to create our name tag “Jill & Jason” that you see throughout this design. She used pen and paper to create the names. I then scanned the names and used a special technique in Photoshop to properly extract the names. I was then able to add the color to each name, and carefully perfect the proportion and size of our names. I love this extra little feature.

When it comes to square invitations, you run into a problem, and that is, the USPS will double the postage price if the envelope is also square. This is because the automatic mail sorters are designed to find the long side and the short side of an envelope. With a square there is no short or long side, they’re all the same. But instead of paying double postage, we found some special envelopes that are a standard A7 envelope, but on one end, 2 inches is sealed off, creating a perfect 5″x5″ pocket for square invitations. If you want to be square, we can help you!